How Long Does the Battery Last on a single Charge: About 40 hr's depending how long the system is Activated.

How long does it take to Recharge: About 4hr's

How far away will the Key Fob Transmit: About 1200ft depending on how much obstruction is in the way. 3 unfinished floors-2 finished floors.

How far will the the Transducer Transmit: Totally dependent on the user's cell phone, Typically 300' (Estimates are based on a S21)

How long will the Transducer Battery last: 1+ Year's 

Why is their no-off switch for the Transducer: Transducer stays active all the time.

How Fast can it pressurize and depressurize a system: Depends on the size of the system. A 25' Line Set will take about 30 seconds.

Can I Braze with Nitroexxpress: Yes, turn the regulator down to 3 or less psi. Press the on button on the Key Fob when ready. NOTE Make sure your Line Set is open so Pressure can flow and not pressurize the system.

Can I charge my Cell Phone off the Nitroexxpress: Yes! The system has two USB ports and can charge a S21 in about 2hr's

What is the 12v socket for: The 12v socket is for accessories such as a small fan or flashlight using 5amps or less.

What if I short out the system: No problem, Nitroexxpress comes with an internal 5amp automatic reset fuse.  Wait a minute or remove the shorted item and the fuse will automatically reset.

How long is the warranty good for: Nitroexxpress come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty except for consumables such as Batteries, Hoses, see warranty page for details. 

Can I use Freon in this system: NO, Nitroexxpress products are only approved for inert gasses only. Anything else will void warranty.