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Nitroexxpress Transducer Data Logger

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 Nitroexxpress pressure monitor is Bluetooth enabled and has a range of 300' depending on your cellphone or tablet. Real time monitoring 0 to 600psi. Download app to your cellphone, no wires or extra equipment needed. Transducer is programable to users' needs. Also has pressure sensitivity settings along with data logging capabilities! Data is accessed using the app and can be viewed, trended, saved or emailed in spreadsheet format. The TDWLB-DL is the most technically advanced, powerful, and flexible standalone wireless data logging sensor on the market. A must-have for every HVAC/R technician and contractor.

*Connects to smartphones and tablets with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

*Pressure ranges from Vacuum up tp10,000 psi

*1% standard accuracy with optional 0.25% ultra-high accuracy

*Alarm set points

*Secure field programable naming